Why We Scoop

I’ll admit it, growing up in Texas I had NEVER heard of a “pooper scooper” business before and I had never seen anyone pick up dog poop from their backyard. My family and all the families I knew just believed that it was a part of your yard when you had dogs and picking up a stick to dig the poop out of your shoes or sliding your barefoot across the grass was normal when you or a friend had dogs. We believed that it would eventually just disappear in a few days. It would either dry out and crumble, get washed away by the rain or the lawn mower would take care of it.

Honestly, I thought it was hilarious when I first heard about people paying companies to clean up their dogs poop in THEIR backyard. I had accepted dog poop in the yard like I accepted the fire ant mounds after a good rainfall.

Fortunately my mindset changed when I actually did some researching on dog waste and why it needed to be picked up. I had no idea that dog waste was the third leading cause of water pollution and that it is classified by the EPA as a non-source point pollutant. I also found out that just 1 gram of dog waste contained 20 million bacteria, germs, viruses, pathogens and parasites. That mean by just walking through grass contaminated by dog poop, your shoes picked up all of those germs and transferred them to the floors of my home!

The problem isn’t our dogs. Its the misconception of myself and dog owners. Seriously, every time I tell a family member or a friend about my business they try to inform me that dog poop is a fertilizer and they would but it in 50gal drums and sling it all over their yard!

Truth is that fertilizer manure comes from animals that eat grass so of course its good for plants. Dogs have a high protein diet and cant be used as a fertilizers because it contains billions of microbes. The center for disease control warns that we can get sick if we eat plants that have been fertilized by dog waste because plants can absorb the living microbes. Round worm eggs remain viable in the soil for at least 3 years and can affect humans and animals that come in contact with the soil.

Department of Doody wants to help you do your part by protecting our water and soil by cleaning up after your dogs. For a small fee we will come to your home or business weekly and safely remove all waste on your property. We sanitize and clean all of our equipment and boots after every stop to unsure we do not track anything from house to house.

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