How to Stop Your Dog from Pooping in the House

Training your dog to use the bathroom outside can be difficult. Keep reading for how to stop your dog from pooping in the house. Dogs are amazing companions and man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t super-messy, either. Whether you’re training a puppy or trying to teach an old dog new tricks, it’s […]

How to Spot Giardia in Dogs: Does Your Dog Have Giardia?

Giardia can spread to your dog in a number of ways. ​Learn how to tell if your dog is infected with giardia, the symptoms, and treatments. ​Does your dog seem lethargic and look like they’re not feeling too well? Have you noticed that they have diarrhea or that they’re vomiting every day? Although it can […]

Why We Scoop

I’ll admit it, growing up in Texas I had NEVER heard of a “pooper scooper” business before and I had never seen anyone pick up dog poop from their backyard. My family and all the families I knew just believed that it was a part of your yard when you had dogs and picking up […]

Tips For Your Trip to The Dog Park!

We frequently take our dogs to the dog park and have learned a few tips from watching our dogs and from other dog owners voicing their concerns. I’ve heard a lot of people say to leave your dog on its leash the first time you visit the park. Their reasoning is that if your dog […]