Why should you choose us over other companies?

While every company may be able to remove all the dog poop out of your yard, we believe that our customer service and client portal sets us apart. We are a local small business with big business systems in place. This means if you need anything at all (even toilet paper) you can call or text Justin anytime at 817-674-7667. You can login to your client portal to change your service frequency, notifications, change or remove credit cards, and add info and pictures of your dogs. We sanitize after every house and leave fresh dog treats for our furry friends.

How do you bill me?

All of our clients save a card or bank account on file within our client portal after signing up. We are able to bill on a monthly or daily basis. For monthly, we will charge your card one time for all service occurring that month on a day you prefer between the 2nd-15th. For daily, we will bill the day after each completed visit. No other poop scooper company offers both options that allow you to choose what works best for your budget.

Do you clean your tools?

Yes, we clean and sanitize our rake, bucket, and boots after every house and use a new bag to line our bucket at every house.

Can you clean with our dogs in the yard?

As long as your dogs are friendly with strangers in their yard, we would love for them to be in the yard. If your dog would attack an "unknown intruder" its best to leave them inside on service day, we can also send a text when we are on our way so you have time to get them inside and another text when we are out of the yard and the gate is secure.

Do you offer a flexible schedule?

Yes, we are in most areas of DFW 2-3 times per week so we can usually fit you into a route that has the best days for you. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, 2x week and 3x per week. We can even spray off and clean decks, patios and dog runs.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We do guarantee all of our work! If you are unhappy with your service please notify us immediately. We will either refund you for the visit or come back the same day to resolve the issue.

What if there's bad weather?

Typically our technicians work rain or shine. For severe weather, we will reschedule your service for another day in the week. You will receive an email or text to notify you of the new date. If severe weather continues through the week, your service will resume on your next scheduled service date.